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Movable / Operable Acoustic Partition Systems

ALNOWALL Movable Partitioning Systems comprise 100 mm thick modules with or without glazing in the middle, that are made of flex resistant welded steel body structure profiles and special aluminum profiles, attached to aluminum or steel rails, as required, at the ceiling with suspenders and multi directional pulley wheels, which can move and be stored independently of each other. Concave and convex anodized aluminum profiles (rabbet joints, tongue and grove) of the modules, comprising E1/V20 grade melamine panels that are attached to the body profile on both sides, have an offset joint, which is strengthened by magnetic strip tapes and EPD seals. Interior sections of the panels are filled with rock wool for soundproofing. Soundproofing is provided by applying 2000 N of force by moving black anodized aluminum insulation bands, that are located on the top and on the bottom of the modules, up and down by using the dual truss system or the eccentric crank handle located inside the module like a jack. The system has fire resistance, soundproofing, TÜV, ISO quality assurance system and durability certificates.