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 Nowadays, doors must be functional, fast and have a structure of easy opening and closing, aesthetic, comfort and prestige while providing enterance and exit from the rooms. These systems are the most popular door systems with thei  attractive, functional and secure structures in places like business centers, public buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, shopping centers, etc. Glass doors are becoming more and more preferred nowadays, responding to the needs of many users with their versatility, visuality, wide product range and ease of use.  The sliding glass doors are distinguished by their ease of use and their decorative features. Owing  to its slider, they can easily be opened and closed, besides  this system meet the expectations of many people who want to use such systems through their visual and decorative features. Laminate doors are preferred for minimum deformation that can occur in offices, workplaces, hospitals, hotels and such places with high traffic. The laminate door is durable and long lasting as a direct consequence of its.
•  Wooden Frame - Wood / Laquer Door Wing
•  Wooden Frame- Glass Door Wing
•  Aluminum Adjustable Frame- Laminate/ Glass/ Wooden Door Wing
• Sound Insulated Door between -32-45 dB