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Door frames are made of specially molded aluminum profiles with a wall thickness of 2-3 mm. The doors are telescopic, allowing adjustment depending on wall thickness, with integrated aluminum jambs. Aluminum door frames are manufactured with electrostatic RAL paint or natural matte galvanized finish. The special door seal housing, hinge bearing and corner joints of aluminum door frames allow for connection with fittings at an angle of 45 degrees. Glass wings on adjustable aluminum door frames should be manufactured of 8, 10, 12 mm thick tempered and ground glazing, depending on the size of the wing. Glass doors may be fitted with barrel locks, press handles, pie handles, floor concealed door closers, glass door hinges, which can be installed on special holes to be drilled on the door glass prior to tempering, upon request. All glass door accessories are manufactured of stainless steel (The price of glass doors with adjustable aluminum door frames does not include the accessories. The prices of optional accessories will be provided upon request).